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Successful weight management rests upon a foundation of wellness. At Heartland Weight Loss, we put your health first. A healthy body wants to shed excess weight. Stop yo-yo dieting - forever!

The science behind our programs

All of our programs are comprehensive, evidence-based multidisciplinary programs. We have spent years analyzing the data and have merged the most successful weight loss programs and protocols together.

The Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) and the Look AHEAD programs have both been successful in achieving modest weight loss for a large number of people.  Dr. Younglove studied under Dr. Alan Rader, one of the forefathers of Obesity Medicine, and progressed through his Medical Bariatrics of America program.

Merging these programs with the rapidly expanding knowledge that has been gained in the field of Obesity Medicine over the past ten years, we believe we have created the most cutting-edge programs for successful weight loss and weight loss maintenance.

To learn more about our study findings, read our white paper, Obesity Treatment: A Cost-Effective, Evidence-Based, Multidisciplinary, Weight-Management Program.

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