Intensive Lifestyle Modification (ILM) Program

Most patients enroll in our intensive lifestyle modification program - a comprehensive, multidisciplinary program that focuses on four pillars of weight management

Nutrition:   At Heartland Weight Loss, we dig deep into the science of nutrition.  Let us help you discover what your body really needs to be healthy – then incorporate these changes into your life–permanently.

Biochemistry:   The pathophysiology of obesity is incredibly complex.  In fact, in the presence of excess weight, the very biochemistry of hunger and satiety is dysfunctional.  In essence, the communication between the gut and the brain is disrupted.  Just as we use medications to treat other chronic diseases, Obesity Medicine physicians sometimes use anti-obesity medications to control the disease of obesity.  In addition to knowing when to use these medications, we are trained to recognize when medications are contributing to weight gain and to do our best to transition to similar medications without this side effect. We also work with our patients to reduce the doses of their medications when appropriate.  For many patients, weight loss eliminates the need for many chronic medications, such as medications for high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol.  

Behavior/Psychology:  At Heartland Weight Loss, we know that obesity is not synonymous with a lack of discipline or willpower.  However, we also know that years of struggling with excess weight often creates an unhealthy relationship with food.  Breaking dysfunctional thoughts and habits can be difficult and painful.  We are committed to helping our patients find new ways to think about health and wellness and to apply it to daily life.

At Heartland Weight Loss, we don’t sign you up with a personal trainer and put you through a grueling workout every week. Initially, we teach you how to slowly incorporate activity and exercise into your daily routine – safely and without pain.

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