We live in a world of unlimited information. Sadly, much of the information we consume is not based on facts or data – it’s simply information passed from one person to another. Misinformation is a huge problem when it comes to improving health and losing weight. We have tried to refute the craziness and help you think critically about things that perhaps, you haven’t thought much about before…

GLP-1 Medications are not Cures

Semaglutide (Ozempic/Wegovy) isn’t a cure for obesity. Yes, most people who take them experience some weight loss, but the average effectiveness is 15% weight loss – over […]

People are afraid of carrots?

I am constantly trying to undo disordered thinking about food.  By the time most people come to my clinic, they have tried every weight loss program out […]

Arguing in Circles

There is so much debate today about the process of weight loss. Some people claim it’s all about calories and others claim it has nothing to do […]

Prevention and Treatment are NOT the same things

Preventing disease is usually fairly straightforward.  Prevention is never perfectly guaranteed to work (nothing in medicine is), but most of the time, we can prevent lung cancer […]

Apple Cider Vinegar

Patients periodically ask me about apple cider vinegar. I stay away from social media and news, so perhaps the interest waxes and wanes with marketing and propaganda, […]

Weight-Loss Dogma

Human beings (myself included) can be very close-minded and dogmatic about some things. This isn’t usually deliberate – we simply hear something several times and absorb it, […]

Obesity is not the primary driver of poor health

I was putting together a lecture this weekend and started organizing my slides about metabolic disease and how it’s the biggest problem we are fighting and I […]

The Minnesota Starvation Experiment

Science doesn’t support the calories-in, calories-out hypothesis. If you are still trapped into believing that model, it’s time to learn more!


People like giving advice.  People like helping others solve their problems.  It’s human nature. We do this to some degree when it comes to all medical problems.  […]

Weight Loss Myth #4

Hopefully you are learning more and more each week as we debunk the weight-loss myths that we have all heard over and over again! Here is myth […]

Weight Loss Myth #3

Ready to learn some more? Here’s installment #3 in our Weight Loss myths series. 2020 is the year to expand our minds and learn some hard truths […]

Weight Loss Myth #2

Hopefully last week’s post got you thinking!  Well, there’s plenty more where that came from. I love writing about these things! Myths about weight loss are everywhere […]

Weight Loss Myth #1

I have read hundreds of books and articles and blog posts regarding weight and weight loss.  Most of the time, the authors repeat the same dogma over […]