A healthy dietary pattern is essential if the goal is to be a healthy human long-term.


There is no “one-size-fits-all” dietary pattern that will result in perfect health. At Heartland Weight Loss, we stay out of the debate of vegan vs carnivore vs everything in-between – we can work with any of them – as long as we are talking about eating a diet primarily comprised of whole foods. All dietary patterns can be incredibly healthy (if they are made up of whole foods) and all of them can be a disaster (if they are made up of primarily ultra-processed foods).


What matters most of all is diet quality.


Along those same lines, we don’t advocate calorie-counting or strict macronutrient partitioning. We have a general framework around food (such as requiring our patients to get a sufficient amount of dietary protein) and we allow our patients to tailor the content within the framework to reflect their own individual and cultural preferences.


Some patients find this freedom liberating and others struggle a bit – wanting to be told exactly what to eat. Many struggle with abandoning the idea of calories. Others struggle to understand what we mean when we refer to ultra-processed foods (UPFs). See the articles below to learn more about the framework we use and the questions and concerns that come up frequently when implementing this framework with our patients.

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