Despite a plethora of evidence to the contrary, many people still view excess weight as being a problem of willpower – or a lack of character or morality. Most interventions designed to result in weight loss are based upon a premise of starvation (math) and inspiration (motivation). With this as the backbone, no wonder we haven’t gotten anywhere when it comes to successfully tackling the obesity epidemic! At Heartland Weight Loss, we know that having excess weight is a result of metabolic dysregulation – the body’s checks and balances are no longer functioning correctly. This disrupted process results in overeating and undermoving – which is why we work on the biochemistry first! However, once we get the biochemistry figured out, there is still much work to do. Years of struggling with weight leaves its mark. Part of the healing process is changing the way we look at food and interact with it regularly. Therefore, we spend most of our time focused on the mindset part of the journey (the actual “what to do” is pretty simple and straightforward!)

Motivation vs Momentum

Motivation is fickle.  It’s unreliable.  Yes, it can be sexy and dramatic and impressive – and it may show up out of the clear blue some days, […]

The All-or-none Story

I have had quite a few people lately tell me that they haven’t been eating well because they are an “all-or-none person”. I’m struggling with this. As […]


Unlike my children, a lot of my patients like homework.  When the subject matter is relevant and people are trying desperately to improve something, it doesn’t seem […]

What do Rocks Have to do With Health?

I love this analogy.   Stephen Covey was a business author who popularized the ‘big rocks’ approach to productivity. In summary, your total available time for the next […]

Stop Cheating

I’ve probably written about this before but I’m going to do it again – because it’s one of my pet peeves. At least one person every day […]


I’m not one to look back over my shoulder very often. It’s not necessarily a good thing all the time, but I tend to stay focused forward […]

Awareness is the First Step

Obesity is a disease that affects all of us.  If you don’t struggle, chances are really high that someone you care about deeply suffers from this disease.  […]

Perfection is an Obstacle to Progress

I see so many people give up with their weight loss progress because they didn’t hit their “goals.” As much as we talk about this, some people […]

Ulysses Contracts

During active weight loss, patients come into the office for a lot of things:  doctoring, evaluation, support, community – but one of the things they crave most […]


I ask all of my new patients what their barriers to success are going to be.  Some people are completely surprised by this question – they’ve never […]