We all live in a weight-positive world – a world that throws unhealthy food in front of us all day long, encourages us to be sedentary, disrupts our sleep, and intentionally tries to hijack our emotions. All of these things promote weight gain. Not surprisingly, to counteract these forces, it takes quite a bit of work. Changing our daily routines to live differently is key – the things that got us here aren’t the same things that will dig us out of this hole. However, this process takes time and energy and lots of self-reflection…

Consistency vs Intensity

This is the time of year when most of us get fired up about self-improvement. Whether we call them New Year’s resolutions or not, most of us […]

Community Support

Almost everyone who walks through our doors is there because they want to find a way to be healthier and live better.  Despite the almost universal desire […]

The Junk Drawer of Weight Loss

I am a pretty neat, organized human being. Everything has its place and I sleep better knowing that most things are in their place when I go [...]


In the past year, the number of people requesting new patient appointments has exploded.  We have been slowly and steadily growing to accommodate all of these new […]

What do Rocks Have to do With Health?

I love this analogy.   Stephen Covey was a business author who popularized the ‘big rocks’ approach to productivity. In summary, your total available time for the next […]

Identity Change

I started diving into the field of behavioral change last year and found it fascinating – and so applicable to the field of Obesity Medicine. Consequently, we […]

Ulysses Contracts

During active weight loss, patients come into the office for a lot of things:  doctoring, evaluation, support, community – but one of the things they crave most […]

Reward Eating

Many of my patients struggle with the desire to eat in the evenings – typically a few hours after dinner, usually while watching T.V.  There seem to […]

The Marshmallow Experiment

Information about the Stanford Marshmallow Experiment has come across my desk several times in the past few weeks.  That’s a sign that I need to bring it […]

Our Toxic Food Culture

Only 12% of American adults are considered metabolically healthy.  12%.  That means that 88% of us have some sort of disease or condition that impacts our metabolic […]