Most of what we know in the field of Obesity Medicine wasn’t taught in medical school. In fact, most of the science is pretty darn new – even those of us in the field are constantly having to catch up. One of my favorite things is to sift through all of the data to find good, high-quality information. Below you will find links to various publications, as well as some of my own thoughts and musings about various topics…

Adding Ketones to Improve Diabetes?

Working backward from results is rarely useful in solving the underlying problem. Adding ketones to a human body that already has disrupted glucose metabolism is unlikely to […]

The Five C’s of Obesity Medicine

With all of the hype in the media the past year about the GLP-1 medications, it’s not surprising that everyone wants a prescription for one of them. […]

Keep Learning!

Podcasts have to be one of the best things invented in the past 10 years. I’ve always been somewhat obsessive about acquiring information. My office and bedroom […]

Why are Most Attempts at Weight Loss Unsuccessful Long-Term?

One of the biggest obstacles to healthy weight loss is misinformation.  Misinformation regarding weight loss and health is actually more prevalent than information.  It’s not surprising.  Over […]

What do babies and smoke detectors have to do with treating obesity?

Walk through this scenario with me:  There’s a tired screaming baby in an apartment.  There’s a woman trying to get the baby to stop screaming. The woman […]

Taking the Morality Out of Weight Management

It’s time to take the morality out of body weight.  After seven years immersed in the science of obesity medicine, treating patients affected by this terrible disease, […]

What the heck is insulin?

Being alive requires a never-ending supply of energy.  We use up energy every second of the day.  The entire purpose of eating is to provide the body […]

3 Levers

Peter Attia is a very smart, very nerdy physician that is obsessed with finding ways to improve lifespan (how LONG we live) as well as healthspan (how […]

What can mice tell us about behavior?

The world of academic medicine puts out a lot of really great stuff every year. The problem is that either it’s really difficult to read it (it’s […]

Causes of Death in 2020

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)  recently published an article tabulating the leading causes of death in the US in 2020. Although there has been […]