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Obesity & COVID-19

Did you use this pandemic as a time to improve your health or did you let it fall apart?  What about this next phase?  Are you going to emerge from your home empowered to be healthy and strong or are you already making lists of all the restaurants you are going to visit and all of the decadent things you are going to enjoy again? 
 COVID-19 isn’t gone.  It might not be making headlines like it did last month, but it’s still being spread in our communities.  And the statistics are sobering.  If you suffer from obesity and/or chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes, heart disease or lung disease, you have a  risk of severe infection and death if you become infected with COVID-19. 
Although these reports should scare you – don’t let them paralyze you!  There are simple things you can do to dramatically lower your risk.  Most of the increased risk is due to chronic inflammation, which is a result of things like a poor diet, and physical inactivity – things that many of us have had too much of lately.  Thankfully, these are all things that we can modify now.  Even if you didn’t do a great job of being healthy while you were sheltering at home, it doesn’t mean you can’t turn things around right now.
It only takes a few days for a healthy diet to decrease inflammation – and maintaining that healthy diet day after day will compound the benefits.  If you have excess weight, then losing some of it has been shown to dramatically lower inflammation.   You don’t have to lose ALL of the excess weight – even 5% has been shown to have huge health benefits.  There’s no better time to start.

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Improve Your Health

Obesity is a chronic, progressive, deadly disease.  Studies have repeatedly shown that losing even 5% of a person’s body weight dramatically improves their health.  It it more important than ever to focus on improving health.  However, treating obesity is difficult.  Patients deserve to be treated by a physician practicing solid, evidence-based medicine.  At Heartland Weight Loss, we are committed to providing effective, evidence-based therapies for patients affected by excess weight. Let us help you gain control over your health and weight – for good!

Save Money

The concept that it’s more expensive to eat healthy is false – unless you are comparing the cost of a private chef to the cost of a drive-through value meal!   Eating highly-processed foods and sugary drinks is actually much more expensive day-to-day than cooking healthy meals at home.  Furthermore, these foods eventually result in poor health – which means you end up spending additional money on medications and doctor visits that could have been prevented.   You work hard for your money.  You deserve the opportunity to spend that money on things that truly improve your life!  Think what you could do with that extra money once this pandemic is over – perhaps a long, luxurious beach vacation…

Become Empowered

Over 2/3 of Americans suffer from overweight and obesity. There’s no way that 2/3 of Americans are lazy and undisciplined when it comes to their weight and eating habits. When one hundred kids take a math test and over 2/3 of them fail the test, the problem isn’t the kids – it’s what they were taught prior to being given the test!  Of course you’ve been unsuccessful at losing weight before. When we approach weight loss with a simple calorie formula, most of us are going to fail. Obesity is much more complicated than the notion of calories in and calories out. The human body is not a simple math problem. Learn the science so that you can stop beating yourself up for being unable to control this problem.  There is hope – when you look in the right places!

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Our programs were created by Courtney Younglove, M.D., a physician board-certified in Obesity Medicine and an active member of the Obesity Medicine Association.  All programs are based upon the latest medical science and nutrition studies.  As part of our comprehensive approach, we drive sustainable results using evidence-based medicine.  We provide ongoing medical supervision, watch vital signs and body composition, order and interpret laboratory tests as needed and provide and adjust medications as required. We are in network with all major commercial insurance companies.

Dr. Courtney Younglove, Obesity Medicine, Diet Doctor

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