Can You Eat Healthy and Enjoy the Superbowl?

Even if you’re not a football fan, chances are you are getting together with family or friends to watch the big game this weekend. This type of social gathering typically means we are surrounded by A LOT of food.

What can you do differently this year while you are watching the big game?

Usually we are surrounded by game day “staples”: wings, cheese dip, meatballs, smokies, fried everything, and beer. Most of these things can be modified to be more healthy. Which ones can you modify? Which ones should you modify? We know that temptation is powerful, so how can we make the food around us healthier?

  • Wings are generally battered, fried, and drenched in buffalo or bbq sauce and served with blue cheese dressing. Why don’t you try making your own spice mixture (without the sugar) baking your wings, and/or making your own blue cheese dressing? 
  • Meatballs can be healthy if you make your own – that way you can control the ingredients. Try a new sauce that doesn’t contain added sugars. 
  • What about all of the fried options? Instead of frying foods, roll your food in Parmesan cheese and then bake it. 
  • Make stuffed veggies instead of frying them. Stuffed mushrooms are a great option and are very versatile. Stuffed zucchini is another great option. Have you seen all the posts lately about buffalo-style cauliflower? 
  • Cheese dip can be eaten in moderation. Instead of dunking chips, use wedges of bell peppers or celery. 
  • Instead of nachos, try making a taco salad bar. That way you get the flavor you crave while still maintaining your healthy goals. 
  • There is no simple way to make beer healthy! If you just have to have alcohol while watching the game, check out the following options: 

Make sure and limit yourself to just one or two. More than that dramatically increases the amount of carbohydrates that you are taking in – and it also lowers your inhibitions & increases your cravings for unhealthy foods. This makes it harder to stick with your goals of being healthy.

We would love to hear how you are planning for the big game & who you are cheering for!

be strong, be healthy, be happy!

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